Freedom is …

To what extent are human beings free? Thinkers and theologians have discussed this question for centuries without reaching agreement; because they are not asking the correct question. Freedom is not a condition that is either given or not, once and for all, to humanity. Instead of asking, ‘Am I free?’ each of us must understand that our present life is the consequence of our past life, and it is impossible to return to the past and change it. We must endure the past and assimilate it, and this is what we are doing in the present life. But as for the future, we are free, because only the present gives us the potential to create the future we wish for.
This is how to ask the question about freedom. Knowing that from now on we are able to determine our future; we are preparing ourselves to become more and more the masters of our destiny, so we no longer endure the present, we shape it.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

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