Unspoken love

Why tell someone you love them? It is enough to love them. Love can be felt, can be seen – it is even the hardest thing to hide; it expresses itself through your gaze, your movements, your attitude. You do not have to declare it. Human beings expect too much of the verbal or written expression of their love. Once they have spoken of it, they think the matter is settled. Not at all – they speak, they repeat what they said, but their behaviour increasingly shows their love is fading.
Love must be preserved as a very precious thing, the most precious thing, and expressed as little as possible through words. In this way it gradually creates unsurpassable freedom and delight in the soul. If you speak of it, you will soon get reactions from all sides which will create misunderstandings, and this will be a shame. Don’t speak of your love and it will live forever within you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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