Month: November 2016

The moon, the divine feminine and the child of light

A birth is none other than a transition from the invisible to the visible, from the immaterial to the material, from thought to manifestation. In our body, it is the moon, the archetype of the feminine, that presides over all forms of incarnation. In winter, the period during which the nights are longest and the life of nature slows down, conditions are less favourable for outward manifestation but more favourable, on the other hand, for inner life: human beings feel the urge to go within themselves to prepare the birth of the child of light, which is represented in some traditions by the symbol of the pearl. The pearl, coming as it does from the sea, is, like the sea, related to the moon. On the sephirotic tree, the pearl oyster is Yesod, the sephirah where the moon is found. In the cosmic body, Yesod represents the genital organs. That is where the pearl must be formed. This pearl represents the purest quintessence of love. The pearl oyster is the feminine principle, which brings a …

Seek help from the light

Whatever your difficulties may be, turn to the light, the light that pervades the whole universe. When you feel tired, discouraged or disappointed, think of seeking help from this light, concentrate on it and imagine you are making it course through you. Not only will it purify your psychic body, but to some extent also your physical body, and you will feel more peaceful, revived, capable of resuming your activities, for it will have given you enthusiasm. One of the most effective methods for gathering this light is to thank the Lord and bless his name. Several times a day, pause and repeat, ‘Thank you, thank you Lord; thank you for life, thank you for light, may your name be blessed for all eternity. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Video:Meditate on light

Can drinking water improve brain function?

Fill a cup or a glass with water… Even such a small quantity of water can represent all the water on earth. Symbolically, magically, it only takes only one drop for us to be connected to all the rivers, lakes and oceans. Concentrate on this cupful, greet it so that it becomes even more alive and vibrant, tell it how much you admire it, how beautiful you find it, ask it to grant you its clarity, its transparency. Then, when you have thoroughly washed your hands, you can touch this water, dip your fingers in it, aware that you are coming into contact with its etheric body, that you are absorbing its vibrations, that they permeate you. If you do this exercise with a feeling of sacredness, you will feel your body vibrate in harmony with all of nature, you will become lighter, purer, and even your brain will work better. And since, of the four elements, water is the one which blends most intimately with our body, you can drink it thinking that you …