The aura- our true protective garment

Clothes are screens which insulate us and protect us from the world around us. Without clothes we are more exposed and naturally become more sensitive. If we draw an analogy with our inner life, we can say that sensitivity is a manifestation of spirituality: those who make an effort to tear themselves from ordinary preoccupations and to overcome their basic instincts, are able to slowly dissolve the dark layers surrounding them like coarse cloth, and become more receptive to the divine world.
In the sacred books, we read accounts in which those who have succeeded in passing initiatic tests receive a garment in reward. It may be white or coloured, but it is always depicted as a precious delicate cloth, as a material of almost otherworldly beauty. This garment symbolizes the aura, which is our true garment. In order to earn it, we must rid ourselves of everything that weighs us down and dims our consciousness, so that we may be in contact with the divine world. Our aura, this garment of light, shows that we have succeeded in doing so.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

On this subject, the master Omraam also said that a radiant, luminous aura is our best protection in life.  It repulses any negative thoughts and feelings that may come to us from outside and sends them backer to sender. That is why the best method to defend yourself against the ill will of others is to send them your light and love, as Jesus advised.

Just recently it occurred to me that a powerful aura is like the firewall on a computer. And we all know how necessary they are!

A luminous aura attracts all blessings

Cloak of many colours


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