Feeding the sacred fire within

You are wondering how you can feed the sacred fire within: each day, throw pieces of your lower nature onto it. Yes, for it is the lower nature, the personality, which is destined to feed the fire of the spirit. So stop complaining that you are not able to rid yourself of your lower nature, for not only would you not be able to survive on earth without it but you would not have the elements with which to feed your spirit. There is a law of magic according to which you must sacrifice some part of your personality if you wish to obtain results on the divine plane. And if you go and find an initiate, a mage, a great master, and ask them for healing for yourself or a family member or friend, for example, or for success in a particular enterprise, they will explain to you that it is only possible if you renounce certain weaknesses. When you renounce things that satisfy your lower nature, it is as if a fire had freed your energies, which can then go to fuel the fulfilment of all the good you wish for yourself and others.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Sacred Fire

The sacred fire of divine love

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