The angels of the four elements : self- transformation

Earth, water, air, fire – the four elements – are governed by angels, the servants of God. That is why we ask the Lord to send us these angels to help us in our spiritual work. Here is a prayer:

‘Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, Master of the universe, send me your servants, the angels of the earth, water, air and fire, so that I may work with them for the coming of your kingdom and your justice. May the Angel of earth absorb all that is unclean in my physical body, so that I am able to carry out your will and express your splendour! May the Angel of water wash my heart of all impurities, so that it becomes a receptacle of your infinite love! May the Angel of air purify my intellect, so that it shines with your light and your wisdom! Finally, Lord, send me the Angel of fire, that it may sanctify my soul and spirit, so that they become the dwelling place of thy truth!’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

As a Pisces subject, I am particularly drawn to spiritual exercises involving water. Here is another extract from the master on the transforming and enlivening properties of water. SJJ:

We wash every day, but we can be washed and clean physically, while on the inside we remain as dirty as if we had never touched water in our life. For, if water washes us on the physical plane, on the spiritual plane it has exactly the same properties. The water that we know and use every day is the materialization of the cosmic fluid that fills space, and through thought, we can make contact with it. But for this purification to take place, we must first realize that by coming into contact with physical water, we touch an element of a spiritual nature. When you wash yourself, concentrate on the water, on how crystal clear and innocent it is, and you will soon become aware that it touches unknown regions within you where it initiates a process of transformation. Not only will you feel lighter and purer, but your heart and your intellect will be nourished by new, more subtle and enlivening elements. Physical water contains the same elements and powers as spiritual water, the true water. You just have to learn to receive them.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I  hope you  enjoy this YouTube video of Ajeet Kaur singing Govinda. The track is from her album ‘Sacred Waters’. The images of  water, sunlight, trees, mountains, rocks and sky are so uplifting- you can see the beautiful connection Ajeet has with the invisible forces of nature as she sings this devotional song:     SJJ

Water- messenger of the Universal Soul

Cosmic Waters






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