Feeding faith

To have faith means having experiences every day that allow us to sense the reality of the divine world. For faith too must be fed. It is fed as we become conscious of the riches God has placed in everything around us – in the earth, water, air and sunlight – and as we make the effort to work with these. What is the point of people reciting and singing that they believe in ‘God, Creator of heaven and earth’, if they do nothing to allow this heaven and this earth to help strengthen their faith in him? They are unaware, careless, superficial; they cut the link with the source of life, and then they say, ‘Nothing has any meaning; there is no God.’
In fact, if you at least made an effort to breathe and eat consciously, to walk and move consciously, a meaning would become apparent to you and you would feel the power of God. Nothing strengthens your faith like experience. When you have had certain experiences, you will be bound to sense the presence of the sublime Being, Creator of the universe, within you and around you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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