Water- messenger of the Universal Soul

You are in contact with water every day and in different ways. But how many of you are aware that water, by its very nature and properties, is a physical expression of the universal Soul? Through the medium of water, the universal Soul sends messages. If you do not receive them, it is because your psychic channels are still blocked. But if you free these channels by nurturing pure thoughts and feelings, you will raise yourself up to the realm of heavenly water, which will fill you with its purity and transparency.
So learn to love water, to work with it. Fill a bowl with water, and lean over it while concentrating on beautiful, harmonious and poetic images. You may even see them, because water is the true magic mirror. But the main thing is to feel the presence of these images within you, because their etheric, light-filled substance nourishes the soul.

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If you  haven’t seen the images of water crystals  that were taken by Masuru Emoto and his associates it is well worth googling to take a look. I haven’t posted any as they are all under copyright but there are some stunningly beautiful, inspiring images. Emoto discovered that water crystals formed beautiful, symmetrical patterns when he said (or even wrote on the container) words such as ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’. Negatives words and phrases, however, caused the water crystals to form into ugly, asymmetrical patterns.

It’s good to reminded that water is alive and is filled with lovely, etheric creatures  with whom we can communicate through thought. We can even ask them to wash away all negative feelings while we are taking a bath or shower. SJJ

Here’s a short extract from the master on how to work with water and salt while taking a bath:

The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, Israel

Most people never think that when they wash their physical body they could, at the same time, do something to purify their etheric and astral bodies. The etheric and astral regions contain impurities which are very difficult to get rid of; in fact, those of the astral are more potent, more offensive, and more noxious than those of any other plane. However, water is capable of washing away these impurities if it is vivified in advance. To do this you must prepare some salt (as you may know, salt has a prominent role to play in many religious ceremonies) in the following way: in the morning, you light some candles and burn some incense and then, taking some salt, you say a few words to dedicate it to absolute purity, to the Supreme Mother and the Cosmic Spirit, and to ask heavenly intelligences to bless it and give it the virtue of purification.

Before getting into the bath, sprinkle the consecrated salt into the water  and say a few words so that the power it contains sanctifies the water, then you address the Supreme Mother in these words:

‘O divine Mother, how I admire this water that reflects your divine countenance, I beg you to sanctify it so that it may wash away all my impurities, sickness and weaknesses and make me better able to serve my heavenly Father. After that you touch the water with your hand and speak lovingly to the creatures that inhabit it, saying, O beautiful, pure, transparent nymphs, bid me welcome, open your arms to me and wash away everything in me that is not in harmony with heaven. While you are saying this, touch the water lovingly.

Water is inhabited by many invisible entities that are very pure and beautiful, and by entering into contact with water, you communicate with these sensitive beings and they will be ready to help you if you have an attitude of love and respect. Before getting into your bath, take a jugful of the blessed water to pour over yourself when you have finished washing, and as you get into the water, speak to it: tell it how beautiful it is and how full of admiration and wonder you are. Then wash yourself with soap three times. If your faith and love are strong, a bath like this will benefit you tremendously; it all depends on your faith and love.

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  1. I know what you mean- real mix of fire and water myself! I love bathing in the sea – as long as it cleans! I find the salt really invigorating and cleansing.
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