The inexhaustible source of love

Even though men and women place love above all else and hope to find ‘true love’ that will last forever, why do they find it so difficult keeping it alive for a few years or even, sometimes, just a few months? It is because as soon as they feel attracted to someone, they stop at that person. They do not know that he or she is the channel through which flow other-worldly beauty, riches and qualities and that it is this other world that their soul thirsts for. So they concentrate on this one person and expect everything of him or her. That is the mistake, and it is the source of their disillusionment and unhappiness.
Men and women should learn to see each other as the first stage on the path that will lead them to the source of love, and then joy will never leave them. For at its source the water of love is always limpid, pure and life-giving, but also inexhaustible, and they will never stop drinking from this water through the being they love.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily meditations

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