The angels of the four elements : self- transformation

Earth, water, air, fire – the four elements – are governed by angels, the servants of God. That is why we ask the Lord to send us these angels to help us in our spiritual work. Here is a prayer: ‘Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, Master of the universe, send me your servants, the angels of the earth, water, air and fire, so that I may work with them for the coming of your kingdom and your justice. May the Angel of earth absorb all that is unclean in my physical body, so that I am able …

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Feeding faith

To have faith means having experiences every day that allow us to sense the reality of the divine world. For faith too must be fed. It is fed as we become conscious of the riches God has placed in everything around us – in the earth, water, air and sunlight – and as we make the effort to work with these. What is the point of people reciting and singing that they believe in ‘God, Creator of heaven and earth’, if they do nothing to allow this heaven and this earth to help strengthen their faith in him? They are …

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Water- messenger of the Universal Soul

You are in contact with water every day and in different ways. But how many of you are aware that water, by its very nature and properties, is a physical expression of the universal Soul? Through the medium of water, the universal Soul sends messages. If you do not receive them, it is because your psychic channels are still blocked. But if you free these channels by nurturing pure thoughts and feelings, you will raise yourself up to the realm of heavenly water, which will fill you with its purity and transparency. So learn to love water, to work with …

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Peace- the flower of unity and love

Peaceful blue lake with swan

Heaven never ceases sending harmonious currents to the earth in an effort to lead human beings toward unity. Those who are ready to receive these currents must wait no longer; they must begin to work. The day they achieve this unity will be the most beautiful moment in human history. What changes there will be when the world becomes one family! All the billions that are being spent uselessly on arms and espionage will be used for everyone’s education and wellbeing. At the moment, unfortunately, we still believe these ideas to be unworkable. People say: ‘Utopia… so what?’ But it …

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The inexhaustible source of love

Even though men and women place love above all else and hope to find ‘true love’ that will last forever, why do they find it so difficult keeping it alive for a few years or even, sometimes, just a few months? It is because as soon as they feel attracted to someone, they stop at that person. They do not know that he or she is the channel through which flow other-worldly beauty, riches and qualities and that it is this other world that their soul thirsts for. So they concentrate on this one person and expect everything of him …

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Overcoming fear- the secret of serenity

Where does the serenity that radiates from the face of great sages come from? Simply from their having conquered the fear of loss. They have raised themselves to a peak where they feel something indestructible within them that can never be taken from them. Whatever happens, a true sage knows that the only reality, both in him and in all beings, is that peak beyond the reach of evil, safe from all trials and tribulations: the spirit, the spark given by God to us his creatures. But how can we reach this peak? By working on ourselves, by purifying our …

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