Love is everywhere

Why do most people always need a man or a woman in order to feel love? This is often the root cause of all their unhappiness, limitations, difficulties and dependence. It’s true that love is life; it is absolutely indispensable to us. Initiates are no exception, they cannot live without it but they look for it and gather it from all around them and then they distribute it in all directions. They are constantly immersed in love; they breathe, eat and contemplate love, they think of love ceaselessly. This is why their happiness and fulfilment are not dependant on possessing a man or woman: they already have love. Love is in them and all around them, gushing up and sparkling like a spring of water, filling them to overflowing, their whole being bathes in love. Why should they look for it elsewhere? Why should they destroy this sensation of fulfilment for the sake of something that will bring burning coals pouring down on them? I am not against love, on the contrary, what I am saying is that you can learn to find it everywhere. For my part, this is what I do: I find love everywhere. In fact I find it in you too. You do realise this, but you would be amazed to know how much love you all pour out on me.

You want love, you say; very well, but you keep looking for it in the same places as everyone else, in those well-known, usual places that are said to be so fantastic…and it is not there. Oh, there is a little bit of love there, but only a few particles, certainly not enough to satisfy those who thirst for the whole ocean. This means that you are going to have to look for it in other places as well. It is like the dew: before it condenses and settles on the trees, grasses and flowers, it already exists in space.

pink flower with dew cropped

Everything that exists on the physical plane can be found in a purer state elsewhere. All the elements that are now materiel once existed in etheric state; it was only gradually that they became condensed into gasses, then into water, and finally into earth. Why not try to find them in this subtler state, then, instead of always looking for them too low down where they are already mixed with all kinds of impurities? It was in this way that the yogis of India discovered that, by respiration, they could take all the elements necessary to life from prana. Even Western medical science has finally discovered that it is the subtlest elements, vitamins and hormones, which are the most important for our health.

You, too need to look for love on the etheric plane, for that is where you will find it and, up there, it is not just a few drops of dew but an ocean from which you can drink as long and deeply as you want, and no one will condemn you for so doing so. You would do better to leave the little drops of dew alone and go straight to the ocean; it is there, waiting for you, immense, infinite and inexhaustible. The only thing is that it is a little higher up. But when you reach it, it will flood into you and give you the plenitude you are seeking.

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Breathing in prana at sunrise- Drink light

Limitless ocean

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