Month: July 2016

Love is everywhere

Why do most people always need a man or a woman in order to feel love? This is often the root cause of all their unhappiness, limitations, difficulties and dependence. It’s true that love is life; it is absolutely indispensable to us. Initiates are no exception, they cannot live without it but they look for it and gather it from all around them and then they distribute it in all directions. They are constantly immersed in love; they breathe, eat and contemplate love, they think of love ceaselessly. This is why their happiness and fulfilment are not dependant on possessing a man or woman: they already have love. Love is in them and all around them, gushing up and sparkling like a spring of water, filling them to overflowing, their whole being bathes in love. Why should they look for it elsewhere? Why should they destroy this sensation of fulfilment for the sake of something that will bring burning coals pouring down on them? I am not against love, on the contrary, what I am saying is that you can learn to find …

Replay happy memories

You have all experienced moments of joy and happiness. Well, seek out these moments. Even if there were only three or four in your life, or only one, return to them often: recall the place, the circumstances, the people… Try hard to recover the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same sensations. Gradually you will have the impression you are reliving these states, with the same intensity as if you truly were experiencing them here and now for the first time. It is always what you feel inside that is most important, not what comes from outside. So seek out all those times when you understood and felt the beauty and meaning of life. Make all such moments available for times when you will need them. This gives you yet another way of working. And even ensure that you have a choice of memories. For just as a certain piece of music is better suited to your inner state depending on the circumstances, so a particular memory will help you more than another and bring …

Prayer and meditation- a precious moment with the One

Before you meditate or pray or watch the sunrise, say to yourself, ‘I am in purity, in the light, with my beloved Lord and my beloved divine Mother. This moment when I can communicate with them must be all that matters.’ Leave your baggage and burdens – be light and free when you go to meet the Divine and the splendours of nature. If you do so, you will find the solution to many of your inner problems and to situations that until now you have thought insoluble. If you are to see and understand and receive influences from the spiritual world, you have to be fully present. Follow the example of men and women who are deeply in love: when they are together, it is easy for them to forget everything else. They gaze into each other’s eyes, and when they want to describe what they have seen they speak only of light and vastness. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

Symbolism of bees and honey

Bees draw nectar, a sugary liquid, from flowers, and from it they then make a delicious food – honey. In symbolic terms, this is what initiates do. Just as bees draw the nectar from flowers without ever damaging them, so initiates come to human beings to collect only their most spiritual quintessences. From these they prepare a delicious, fragrant food within their heart and soul, using their alchemical knowledge. So the bee is one of the symbols for the initiate. In each human soul, even those of the most deprived, initiates will always be able to find a divine quintessence. And from all these quintessences they produce a honey that the heavenly entities also come and enjoy. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov