Are we ever really alone?

So many people today say that they are lonely. And yet in reality no one is ever alone. The whole universe is watching us and listening to us. None of our words or gestures remains without an echo. If, in the morning as you open your window, you make a habit of saying good morning to the earth, the sky and the whole of creation, voices will answer you, echoing from the four directions in space: good morning, good morning, good morning… and you will feel them with you all day long. Also, when you leave your house, you come across a number of people in the street: most are unknown to you, but is it so difficult to show them an open, friendly face? Are they not worth wishing light, peace and joy to in your thoughts? You say they don’t inspire you. Possibly not, because you only look at appearances. But behind these appearances there are souls and spirits. When you are able to relate, in your soul and spirit, with all the souls and spirits on the earth, and when what is best in you meets what is best in others, believe me, you will never feel lonely again.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

An end to loneliness

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