Nurturing the unborn child

Today I am posting a longer extract from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on the psychic and spiritual work a woman can do during pregnancy. He uses the chemical process of gold- plating as  an analogy to describe how the quality of a pregnant women’s thoughts and feelings can influence the development of the child in her womb.  (SJJ)

‘Throughout the nine months of pregnancy a woman not only forms the physical body of her child but, without realizing it, she influences the seed provided by the father by giving it conditions that will either help or hinder the development of its various qualities and characteristics. You may wonder how she does this. Like the father before conception, she has to watch over her thoughts and feelings and the kind of life she leads. This is what I call spiritual gold-plating.

Let me begin by describing the chemical process of galvanoplasty which is used in gold-plating and which, transposed onto the spiritual plane, can give results of tremendous importance:

Two electrodes are introduced into a solution of metallic salts: gold, silver or copper. The anode, or positive pole, is a sheet of the same metal as that in the solution and the cathode, or negative pole, is a gutta-percha mould coated with graphite and stamped with the design of a medal or coin. The two electrodes are wired to the two poles of a battery and when the power is switched on the electric current causes a film of metal to be deposited on the cathode and, at the same time, decomposes the anode, thus providing a constant supply of precious metal into the solution. Little by little, the cathode is completely covered with the metal and the results are what you intended: a design coated in gold, or in silver or copper.

If you observe what takes place in nature you will see that the process is not restricted to the man-made techniques of gold- plating; it exists on all levels. For instance, in the ocean of space, the planet Earth represents the cathode or negative pole, the feminine principle, whereas the heavens- that is, the sun and other stars- represent the anode or positive pole, the masculine principle. There is a constant flow and interchange of currents and forces between the earth and the sun (and other stars) because they are both immersed in the cosmic solution: the ether or universal fluid which embraces and encompasses all the heavenly bodies. And the battery to which the two poles are connected and which sets everything in motion is, of course, God.

And now, suppose we attach a mould of some kind, a seed for instance, to the earth: the seed, in close contact with the cathode, (earth) is immersed in the cosmic solution and the current flowing through the solution from God produces the same results as in gold- plating. particles of the materials present in the solution begin to build up on the seed, while the anode (the sun or other star) constantly renews and regenerates the solution as the seed grows and draws substenance from it. Every seed planted in the soil, therefore, draws the elements it needs, according to its specific nature, from the surrounding ether and welds them to itself in order to grow and develop.


Exactly the same phenomenon can be seen in what happens during pregnancy, for a pregnant  woman also carries within her the seed, the electrodes and the solution. The seed, the living sperm implanted in her womb by the father, represents the cathode and it bears a design or image which may be the portrait of a perfectly ordinary being, or it may be the portrait of a saint or a genius. As soon as a woman is pregnant, a current begins to flow between her brain (the anode) and the seed. The brain receives energy from the battery: God, the fountainhead of cosmic energy, to which it is connected, and this energy flows from the brain to the embryo. The solution is the mother’s blood in which both anode and cathode ( the brain and the uterus) are immersed, for our blood bathes all our organs and cells and all the physical elements exists in the solution in the blood including gold, silver, copper etc.

The anode, therefore, supplies the precious metal (the mother’s thoughts) which decomposes in the solution (her bloodstream) thereby regenerating it. The seed implanted in her womb may be of very exceptional quality, but if she has ‘leaden’ thoughts in her head (symbolically speaking), she need not be surprised if, later on, her child is cast in lead, or that he is vicious, pessimistic or sickly. You must realize that the seed is only the mould, and even if it bears the stamp of a magnificent likeness, if it is reproduced in base metal it will lose all its value.

But, suppose a woman knows how gold-plating is done and makes up her mind to apply the same rules in preparing to give birth to her baby: as soon as the seed (cathode) is implanted in her womb, she places a sheet of gold in her mind (anode), the gold of pure, noble and generous thoughts and feelings. The current is switched on and the blood flowing through her body conveys the precious metal to the seed. The child grows, clothed, as it were, in gold and when it is born it is robust and healthy, beautiful both physically and in character and it is capable of  overcoming all difficulties, diseases and evil influences’.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Education begins before birth.

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