Liberation- how to transcend limitation

Whatever the external circumstances, in our inner world – the world of thought – we can always feel free. It is only when we want to manifest on the physical plane that we depend on the conditions around us and are limited. Even the most powerful being is limited in their action.
We will never be able to achieve all the things we want, but we should not worry about this, because nothing prevents us from living a rich inner life, one that is beautiful, expansive and that benefits all creatures. Our thoughts and feelings reach out very far into space, and thanks to them we have the power to establish contact with the entire universe, while our actions affect only a few people. But if we learn to focus on our inner world, if we seek to strengthen our love and faith, over time we will have more and more influence on the outside world too.


You may have made mistakes and suffered a great deal. Forget your mistakes and your hardships, and strive to project yourself into the future. Think of yourself as a son or daughter of God, predestined to move ever closer to the state of perfection of your heavenly Father. Imagine this extraordinary state of radiance, of joy and plenitude, and already you will taste it, you will be living it and it will start becoming a reality for you.
When you have to face a difficult situation, such as taking an examination, undergoing an operation, appearing in court, you begin to worry about it several days beforehand, wondering how it is going to turn out, painfully anticipating these moments. And when you think you are going to meet the one you love, again you anticipate the moment, and you already feel joyful. So, since with thought you can project yourself into the near future, why not also into the distant future? The power of thought is a reality, and disciples must learn to make use of it to progress further along the path of evolution.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

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