Cosmic Waters

In Genesis it is said that on the second day, God separated the waters below from the waters above. These waters above, which initiatic science also calls ‘astral light’ or the ‘magic medium’, represent the primordial ocean in which all creatures are immersed and find their nourishment. The liquid environment in which a child is immersed when it is still in their mother’s womb is reminiscent of these primordial waters.
We swim in cosmic immensity, exactly like fish in the sea. If we are not conscious of this, it is because our psychic pores are obstructed by impurities. Purification is therefore the first work to be undertaken in order to open these psychic pores, to free this network of etheric channels which supply our subtle bodies. It is then that we will be fulfilled and vivified by this spiritual water which totally envelops us.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     The Daily Meditations

Image- The Black Sea by Aivazovsky

I have used this image of the Black Sea as the young brother Mikhael used to watch the sunrise with his master, Peter Deunov, over this ocean. Peter Deunov referred to the Black Sea as the ‘Cosmic Waters’. I suppose that is because it represented for him and his disciples the primordial waters that the master Omraam mentions in this short passage. These waters also represent the ‘one thing’ of the alchemists, the mysterious medium in which we all ‘live and breathe and have our being’. SJ


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