The ceremony of Wesac- full moon in Taurus

This year Wesac is celebrated on Wednesday 10th May. The Taurus full moon is at 22.42.

“Each year, in the Himalayas, during the night of the full moon in May, the ceremony of Wesak takes place. The full moon in May is doubly under the influence of Taurus: the sun has been in this sign since 21st April, and the moon is also exalted in this sign. Taurus represents prolific nature, fertility and abundance, emphasized further by the fact that it is the home of Venus, the planet of creation. So the full moon in May offers the best conditions for working with the forces of nature to attract heaven’s blessings for the harvest and livestock but also for human beings. For, if humans know how to attract the beneficial effects circulating through the cosmos at this time, they too can benefit from them, not only on the the physical plane but also on the spiritual plane. This is why, by means of meditations, prayers, chants and magical invocations, initiates seek to create lines of force in space that will attract energies, which they send to all beings who are vigilant, awakened and capable of participating at this event.

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There are places on earth that are more favorable than others for this cosmic work. The site where the ceremony of Wesak takes place is the most powerful of all. Some initiates go there physically, others by astral projection. But it is possible for everyone, including you, to take part in thought. During this night, you must not keep any metal object near you, since metal is not a good conductor of the waves of energy that come down from spiritual regions. But the only truly essential condition for being admitted to this festival is harmony. So be careful not to hold onto any negative thought or feeling towards others and find the right inner attitude that will allow you to receive the blessings that initiates send to the children of God on this night.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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