Rivers and reincarnation

Rivers have their source in the mountains and, regardless of obstacles in their way, they always end up reaching the sea. But soon, their water, warmed by the sun’s rays, is transformed into vapour and continues its journey into the sky, until one day it falls again in the form of rain or snow. We can interpret this voyage of water symbolically. Human destiny resembles the perpetual movements of water between heaven and earth, between earth and heaven. Like drops of water, souls descend to earth, each in a predetermined location. From there they have an entire road to travel until they return to their starting point… only to descend again, one day, in another place. This is called reincarnation.
Even though the name of a river stays the same – Thames, Mississippi, Seine, etc. – the water that flows in it changes every day. The inhabitants of the river, the billions of drops of water, are simply passing through and as they flow towards the sea, others take their place. Like rivers, countries also tend to keep the same name, but they are inhabited by a succession of different beings, all of whom come from elsewhere. And in this very same way, a country is subject to many changes during the course of its history.

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