Love as angels love- the creative fusion of voices

When you sing these mystical songs together in the choir, you are working with the two eternal principles, masculine and feminine, in their purest manifestation. The two principles were created to meet and fuse with each other but there are different degrees to this fusion. Choral singing represents the most spiritual degree, for it takes place above, far from the physical body, where the voices meet and this meeting is not without result. In the same way that the union of a man and woman on the physical plane gives birth to a child, the fusion of  their voices is a creative act, it produces forces, energies which are active throughout space. So, then, the fusion of the two principles also takes place through singing. Very few people think about the reality of this fact or work with it: but if you decide to make the necessary efforts you will manage to detach yourself form the heaviness of the Earth until you feel currents climbing up your spinal column  and your whole being will burst into flames, projecting colors….. As your  vocal cords vibrate, they will release a fountain  of energies which, uniting above, will create heavenly beings.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Creation:Artistic and Spiritual

Learn to love as angels love

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