Meditation for Easter Sunday

A seed that’s been placed in the earth can be compared to a creature imprisoned in a tomb. When the angel of warmth comes, he wakes the creature, saying, ‘Go on, get up now, come out of the tomb!’ And then the life that was buried begins to stir: a little stem divides the seed in two, giving birth to a shoot that one day will become a magnificent tree. That is resurrection.
Before resurrection is possible, the tomb must be opened, and tombs are opened only by warmth. And warmth is love. Those who have a lot of love in their heart, spiritual, disinterested love, are able to open the tombs of their cells. Until their cells are animated and given life, they remain inactive, and people are unaware of all the riches they contain. But after resurrection, after this awakening of their cells, their consciousness expands, and they move in another dimension – the dimension of the spirit – through everything they feel and everything they live

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditations

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