Love as angels love- the creative fusion of voices

When you sing these mystical songs together in the choir, you are working with the two eternal principles, masculine and feminine, in their purest manifestation. The two principles were created to meet and fuse with each other but there are different degrees to this fusion. Choral singing represents the most spiritual degree, for it takes place above, far from the physical body, where the voices meet and this meeting is not without result. In the same way that the union of a man and woman on the physical plane gives birth to a child, the fusion of  their voices is …

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Learn to love as angels love

Light spirits in the invisible world are constantly making exchanges of love: they meet in space, greet each other, exchange pure rays of light and continue their journey. Not having a physical body does not prevent exchanges and love. You too, you do this with the creatures around you, thousands of exchanges that are not physical. You do not kiss everyone, you do not take everyone in your arms, but you continually have encounters that nourish you and make you happy. Why not increase the number and quality of these exchanges? Love as understood by most humans, this passionate, selfish, …

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Meditation for Easter Sunday

A seed that’s been placed in the earth can be compared to a creature imprisoned in a tomb. When the angel of warmth comes, he wakes the creature, saying, ‘Go on, get up now, come out of the tomb!’ And then the life that was buried begins to stir: a little stem divides the seed in two, giving birth to a shoot that one day will become a magnificent tree. That is resurrection. Before resurrection is possible, the tomb must be opened, and tombs are opened only by warmth. And warmth is love. Those who have a lot of love …

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Rejuvenation- entering the round of Spring

As spring approaches, you feel a whole awakening of life: flowers, trees, birds… In nature, a new wave is breaking. It is one of the most extraordinary phenomena; renewal. Each year everything is renewed… except human beings! Human beings remain the same, they do not think of joining in unison with this renewal – it is as if they are barricaded. Why don’t they make an effort to open themselves, to open their doors and windows so that life can penetrate, permeate them? Some will say, ‘But for us, it’s over, we’re old. Spring is for the young.’ Following this …

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Allow God to live within

If you have the necessary qualities, you can perhaps impose your will on humans, to impress them with your knowledge and authority. Before the Lord, however, you must instead become self-effacing to the point of merging with him and becoming one with him. Yes, when you allow yourself to become small before the Lord’s greatness, even to the extent of disappearing, you in fact become great and powerful, whereas if you assert your own will over his you only weaken yourself, and you soon become nothing. And what is it within you that must diminish itself before the Lord? Your …

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Loving the divine in others

Nothing is more poetic than the beginning of a love affair. A man and a woman meet, they smile at each other, exchange a few words or notice each other from afar and suddenly they feel inspired and become poetical within. But as soon as this love becomes physical, their feelings of wonder start to fade. How many people have noticed this! Yes, they have noticed it, but they do not draw any lessons from it: they make no effort to protect their blossoming love by remaining in the subtle regions for as long as possible. Through curiosity and greed, men and women seek to go out immediately and explore the terrain, and even what lies beneath! Then, of course, things are no longer the same. They do not appreciate each other in the same way and are no longer in wonder, one for the other, as they know each other too well in situations which were not always the most attractive. Why do they not try to keep a certain distance between them so as to live as long as possible in the world of beauty, poetry, and light?

Love the creator, the One who is the origin of all life,and you will feel him manifesting in every creature. It is he, the One, whom you will love in others, and only he can feel the longings of your heart and soul. So many men and women, famous throughout history for their amorous adventures have had tragic destinies precisely because they did not understand this truth! The beings of flesh and blood you claim to love or to be looking for are only intermediaries, conductors meant to transmit divine energies. If you wish to continue to love them, think …

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