Universal, unconditional love

Seek to help and show love for all human beings without expecting anything in return, because they are all our brothers and sisters. In doing so, the reward is already given to you in that inner sense of expansion and that extraordinary sensation of warmth that fill you when you love. This is a marvellous reward; life contains none greater. Your heart can then be likened to a flowing spring.
Human beings always expect to be rewarded for what they do. Those who have understood the secret of love don’t even expect receiving anything in return, for they already have a taste of the happiness that nothing else could bring them. And, because they are fulfilled and have no expectations, they radiate joy and win the trust of many friends. What better reward could you hope to find.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I read this passage this morning as it is the Daily Meditation for today. I think the idea it expresses is very closely related to the passage I posted a few days ago- Nature has a heart-the oceans where the master advises us to offer our hearts to God.

The lower nature in me asks how  it is possible for us to love all human beings, good and bad, completely unconditionally? Surely it is beyond the capability of our human nature? The master has explained that only the universal, divine nature that is  God within us is capable of such a feat.  So if we manage to give our heart to God, to the universal creative spirit, then new energy will fill and overflow from our hearts in an abundant love for all creatures. That divine energy which is God will love all beings unconditionally  through us- even those who have hurt or betrayed our personal selves!

I’d like to share this simple prayer given by the master:

‘Lord take my heart, it is yours. Fill it with love and beauty and affection for all my brothers and sisters who are suffering or unhappy. Make it a fount of living water. May the waters of eternal life flow from it for the benefit of all.’

The post Video:Life is based on love contains beautiful quotes from the master Omraam and also master Peter Deunov on the blessings of divine love.

Thanks for reading. SJJ

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