Nature has a heart- the oceans

We have a heart, but nature also has a heart, or more exactly the equivalent of our heart – the oceans. Nature offers its heart, it exposes it to the sun and says: ‘My Lord, I give you my heart, my blood. Use it so that plants, animals and human beings may live in plenty.’ The sun takes some of this blood and raises it up to fill it with spiritual gifts. So when this blood goes back down to earth, all beings will benefit from it and rejoice. Every day initiates repeat this gift of the ocean to the sun within themselves. They open up their heart before the Creator, saying: ‘Lord, I give you my heart.’ This fervent prayer, this sacrifice performed in the heart of a human being is similar to the sacrifice that takes place in nature. Thanks to the sublimation of their love, of their blood,  human beings meet the sun, which is in the image of God Himself, and this meeting enriches them with new divine essences that spread to their entire being.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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