Valentine’s day- advice for lovers

As it is almost Valentine’s Day, here is an extract from Love and Sexuality where the master offers some advice to lovers on how to experience a higher degree of love:

‘If human beings want to learn how to nourish the higher nature of those they love, wisdom and initiatic science is needed. Picture two beings who love each other very much and are deeply committed to a high spiritual ideal, who are steeped, day and night, in the light of a spiritual teaching: they are living their love on a higher level. Each of them thinks of the good of the other and tries to find ways to encourage, enlighten and strengthen the other and to prepare their future. This is a picture of a higher degree of love…

So try to love your partner in a nobler and more unselfish way. But, of course, both partners need to be enlightened and know the cosmic laws, otherwise my advice cannot be put into practice.

Let me give you an example: When a man holds the woman he loves in his arms and looks at her and talks to her, instead of saying her name, he can speak, through her, to the Divine Mother. In this way he creates a bond between the Divine Mother and himself and sublimates his love. As for women, instead of murmuring the man’s name, why shouldn’t they call on the Heavenly Father?  Then, instead of limiting themselves to the lower aspects of their exchange- you never know what you might absorb on that level- a couple can be plugged into the central powerhouse that is God. And then, linked to the eternal source of all perfection, they will be lamps, continually alight and shining!’

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