Eating with love

When you hold a piece of fruit for a moment, it receives the heat of your hand and becomes warmer. So why would your love not influence it as well? When you hold a piece of fruit lovingly, not only does its temperature rise slightly, but it also takes the warmth of your heart into its aura. In this way you adjust the piece of fruit to your internal inner temperature and then it becomes well disposed towards you.
So remember, before eating a piece of fruit, hold it for a moment in your hand, and ask it to open up to you. This will transform its etheric matter and it will bring you much more than just physical energy. It will allow you to participate in its life and in the life of everything in nature that took part in its formation and gave it colour, perfume and flavour.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

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  1. I do remember my mom saying when I was younger that if you ate food with distaste, your body does not accept it’s nutrients completely and mostly I thought she said it so I eat nutritional not-so-great-tasting food with respect and acceptance instead of making faces and avoiding it! But this is a whole new level of understanding food and it’s relation with our system. I really like it and do agree! You’ve worded the concept quite beautifully, thanks for sharing!


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