Be patient and you will live a long life

Be patient and you will live a long life. You might say, ‘But that is not possible, you need so much energy to put up with difficult situations and with difficult people!’ No, on the contrary, you waste the most energy when you are impatient. Calm and patience enhance vitality and prolong life. People who explode and then say, ‘Ah! That feels better!’ do not realize that what they consider to be better is actually a great loss. They should analyse themselves to find out what it is within them that feels better – is it their higher nature or their lower nature? And when they reflect on their explosion a little later, do they really feel pleased with themselves? Don’t they tell themselves it would have been better if they had known how to control themselves?
Try experimenting within yourself to see how effective the virtue of patience is. Instead of resorting to all sorts of syrups, potions, elixirs and other beverages, drink patience! That is what will renew the powers of life within you… powers you never suspected you had.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

People do not spontaneously put themselves in the situation of those around them. This is how so many errors of judgment and so much injustice and cruelty arise. When you are about to give your opinion of someone, ask yourself what you know of their situation. Before criticizing and accusing them, make an effort at least for a few minutes to put yourself in their place: you might then realize that, if you were in their situation, you would behave ten times worse than them.
It is worth trying to put yourself in the position of people who are unpleasant to you and whom you are always ready to blame. By practicing this just a few minutes each day, you will acquire qualities of patience, understanding, gentleness and generosity, all of which will certainly benefit you, and them too.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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