Light connects us to God

“Some people say they are believers but also admit that, for them, God is an abstract notion. They don’t know how to make contact with him, and they obviously feel that they are lacking something. In reality, the most effective method for connecting to God is to concentrate on light. God is not light, he is much more than light, and we cannot know him or even imagine him. But why then does it say in Genesis that on the first day God created light? He wanted to make light the very substance of the universe. If light is the first divine emanation, it is because it contains all the qualities and virtues of God, and this is why it is only through light that we can come close to God.
Here is an exercise to do. Every day, remember to concentrate on light, imagine that the entire universe is bathed in light, that you are resting in it, merging with it, imbued with all its virtues. Do this several times a day, and little by little you will feel this light bringing you peace, harmony and strength. This is what it means to make contact with God.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditation

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