Attuned to heavenly harmony

“Listening to an orchestra play or a choir sing could be an encouragement for people to reflect on the harmony that should reign between them. Unfortunately, even after a magnificent concert during which they have all resonated as one, they won’t think to do anything that would allow them to continue to live in this harmony and beauty.
Disharmony is the most widespread state in the world, so widespread that even religions and spiritual movements are still full of confrontation. Not only are they opposed to one another, but within each religion and spiritual movement there are the same misunderstandings and conflicts. And the Lord scratches his head while he watches this mess going on in his name. So, from now on, why not think of the Lord as a conductor, whose role it is to make harmony reign? He is the one who possesses the true tuning fork. When humans become capable of being in tune with one another, they will be like instruments playing a wonderful symphony.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

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  1. Hi Susan, I’m not sure if my last message was posted but here again a BIG THANK YOU for these inspiring thoughts and images.
    God bless you

    David Malcolm


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