Love, peace and traffic holdups

How often have we seen that, when placed in identical situations, people do not all react in the same way!
If there is a traffic holdup on the road, for example, how do the drivers react? One gets annoyed, hoots and shouts abuse at other drivers, another flicks through a newspaper or listens to the radio, while another one chats with a passenger or kisses them if it’s their loved one. But finally, one of them decides to take advantage of this pause to go within, link to heaven and send love and light to all the others who are waiting too, and even to all beings in the world. This case is certainly much rarer, but it is the kind of adaptation you have to learn to make if you are to become master of all situations. Try it: use your power of reasoning, and while others are getting annoyed or worried and poisoning the life of those around them, you instead become stronger and enriched. And thanks to these experiences you will then be able to help those around you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditation 20th September 2015

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