Despair and regeneration -the healing forces of nature

Today’s Daily Meditation from Omraam Mikhael touches on something I have experienced many times in my life: how the small, seemingly insignificant, things we notice in the natural world can have a profound affect on our inner life- even healing states of depression and despair:

“A friend told me that one day when he was feeling in despair, he went walking in the countryside. At one point he sat down on a rock, and there in a tiny crack he saw a few blades of grass. He looked at them for a long time, wondering how they had been able to grow in such conditions. And suddenly, while he was looking at them something in him came back to life. He did not understand how the sight of these few blades of grass had been able to tear him away from his despair.
It was not really the grass that had done anything; it was that while he was looking at it he had brought about this change in his soul without realizing it. We have all the powers of regeneration within us, and sometimes all it takes is something very small to reawaken them. Beings and things, in fact everything in nature, can help us. This may happen without our awareness and our will. But it is up to us to make this phenomenon conscious and not wait for an external, random event to come to our rescue.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

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