One love

‘Everyone thinks they know what it is they love about any particular man or woman, whether it’s beauty, charm or moral or intellectual qualities. But the reality is that each person loves only the One, the Creator, who made beings the way they are. Make no mistake: it is him you love through others. The more the Divine expresses itself in them as kindness, wisdom, beauty, intelligence or strength, the more you love them.
So you will never be able to find fulfilment and perfect joy if you do not seek a vaster, richer reality in the being you love. You will very quickly see there is not much to him or her, and you will become bored and disappointed. So then you will go off in search of another love but again very quickly encounter the same boredom, the same disappointment. And no matter how much effort you make, it won’t change a thing: so long as you do not try to see the Divine in the person you love, you will not know fulfilment, because you will be on the wrong path.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditations

For a short youTube clip of the master: Video: Looking for God

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