‘Beauty, true beauty, cannot be explained. It is life, a life which streams forth, which emanates. Suppose, for example, you have a diamond; when the sun’s rays fall on it you are dazzled by the beauty of the colours you see. Well, this is true of beauty: it is comparable to the light of the sun. And to the extent that someone emanates beauty such as this, to that extent he or she comes close to true beauty. True beauty is not in forms, true beauty has no form even, for it exists on high, in a realm in which there are only currents, forces and radiance. When a human being succeeds in contemplating this beauty, he is seized by such ravishment that he almost wishes for death. True beauty cannot really be found in the bodies or faces of men and women; it is in the world above. It is only from time to time, if a man or women is so closely attuned to the divine world that they allow some of its radiance to shine through them that their faces can hint at that beauty…

So, true beauty is not found on the physical plane, it is elsewhere. To be sure, the earth is beautiful; plants, mountains, lakes and rivers are beautiful. But I am bound to say that all the beauty of the earth pales in comparison with the beauty of above. Beauty is the expression of the highest perfection. Beauty possesses intelligence, light, purity, music, colours and perfumes, and this why, for me, beauty is always linked to the Deity. The Deity is beauty. And, as I said, if God were not beautiful, I would not seek him. Many people seek God because he is all-powerful or because he is omniscient. I seek him because he is beautiful. I have a weakness for beauty- which means I have a weakness for perfection. So much the better! The only weakness you can never be blamed for, in fact the only weakness which is a glory, is a weakness for beauty. But not the beauty that human beings know and appreciate. I tell you frankly, I have seen a great many lovely women and I have also seen a great many handsome men, but they have never really dazzled me because I have always looked for another kind of beauty, a beauty beyond the world of forms.That is what has always saved me: my love of beauty. And you too will be saved if you have the same love of beauty; but without that love, you will be ready to do anything with anyone who comes along.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   ‘Know Thyself’ Jnana Yoga

Photo: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in his early 40s when he was known as ‘Brother Mikhael’.

The master was certainly someone whose face emanated that radiance which hints at divine beauty! SJJ

Pressure created the diamond


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