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Om Tat Sat- I am That

‘If you apply your spirit and all your love, every day, to the practice of identification with the supreme being, the source of life, the first cause, the Father of all creatures, there will be a moment when it will be as though God himself and all his splendour, power, love and wisdom were with you.

The initiates of India and Tibet all work on identification. They have this formula. ‘I am That’ which they repeat constantly for years. In this way they try to eliminate any notion of separation between human beings and the Godhead. God alone exists and human beings are simply one of his manifestations. After years of  practising this exercise of identification, an initiate is capable of working miracles. Yes, in fact, it is very simple, but human beings are busy with other things. They never think about identifying with the Deity; they prefer to identify with animals. When they have lived together for years, the master begins to look like his dog instead of the dog looking like his master! So, there you are, dear brothers and sisters, true knowledge cannot be obtained by means of the intellect, only by the spirit, for true knowledge is identification.

deep blue om

To know something or someone is to penetrate to the heart of the being, and this can only be achieved by identification, that is, by fusing into one with the being you want to know. For an instant, you become another, and of course you cannot become another if you remain outside and look at his of her external appearance. You have to enter into him and feel, if only for a moment, all his inner thoughts and feelings, strengths and weaknesses. This is something that cannot be done by the intellect, only by the spirit.’

Omraam Mikhael  Aivanhov    ‘Know Thyself’ Jnana Yoga Part II

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