The strength to serve- putting truth into practice

Photo: ‘Brother Mikhael’ in 1958

“The Creator has given us a will, so that we can make it the instrument of our higher nature by placing it at the service of a high ideal. The first step is to understand and apply some essential truths. Once you have understood an essential truth, use your will to put it into practice, in the knowledge that this is the only way to understand it fully. It is easy to state truths; anybody can go and find them in the works of a few sages and then repeat them parrot-fashion. By doing so they may gain the respect of a few people blind enough not to see how ignorant and weak they really are. But deceiving the blind is not a very great achievement! In any case, there are others who see things clearly and are not so easily fooled: the beings of light in the invisible world. In fact, it is these entities whose respect we must earn, and we will earn it by applying the truths the initiates reveal to us. These truths are weapons, and we will never find better ones for winning life’s battles. But we need an arm to be able to use them – that is, the will to put them into practice.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov        Daily Meditations

For me, the master Omraam is the most inspiring example of someone whose will was perfectly aligned to a higher, divine purpose- the service of God and his fellow  human beings. This photo shows him in his beloved mountains sometime in 1958. At that time he was known by his early disciples (mainly from France and Switzerland) as Brother Mikhael. He never claimed to be a master in his own right and presented himself as a loyal disciple of the master Peter Deunov, communicating the teaching of the brotherhood to Western Europe. It was not until after his return from India in 1960 that he accepted the title of master. The people who met him at the airport on his return were stunned by his change in appearance and the extraordinary resemblance to Peter Deunov. It was also during his stay in India that the master was given the spiritual name Omraam which corresponds to the alchemical ‘solve and coagula’. Om (solve) dissolves all that is not in harmony with heaven and Ram (coagula) brings the divine qualities and attributes into concrete manifestation.    SJJ

This is the ‘High Ideal’ that Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov recommended to their disciples:

Have a heart as pure as crystal.

A mind as luminous as the sun.

A soul as vast as the universe

A spirit as powerful as God and one with God.

For more on the importance of having a spiritual ideal: Uniting heart, mind and will             SJJ

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