Primordial knowledge- remembering what we've always known

“You already know many things, but you do not know that you know. This knowledge comes from a very long time ago, when you still dwelt in the bosom of the Eternal, in light, love and beauty. There you learned everything about your divine origin, your predestination, the work you would have to do on earth to give expression to all the powers of your soul and your spirit. But in coming down to incarnate into matter, you forgot almost everything, and so you need a Master, a teacher, to remind you of what you had already learned about yourself and about the meaning of life. You will all have had the experience, when reading or hearing certain explanations or truths, of something inside you exclaiming, ‘But I know that already!’ Yes, you only had to be reminded, just as embers are rekindled from beneath the ashes.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditation

This extract rings so true to me. It’s exactly how I felt when I read my first book of the master -‘The Keys to the Problems of Existence.’ Everything in my clouded head became clear and bright and life was suddenly  more beautiful and meaningful. It was a bit like the experience of falling in love!

Here is a passage which explains how we can bring our buried and forgotten primordial wisdom into full consciousness:  SJJ


“Although it is very clear that human knowledge is very limited, in the depths of their consciousness, unbeknownst to them, human beings are the repository of all the knowledge in the universe. This knowledge is buried very deep within them and remains there, inert, because the conditions in which it can appear and express itself have not yet been provided. You may say:  ‘But how did this come to be?’ Oh, it’s a very long story. Since they left the womb of the Eternal to descend into matter, each human being has travelled the width and breadth of time and space. Often for them this has only amounted to some adventures and dramatic episodes, over the course of which they have experimented and gained new knowledge, but they have also lost a great deal of the light and knowledge they originally possessed. To be more precise, this original knowledge has gradually been covered over by an accumulation of opaque layers. In order to regain possession of this knowledge, certain conditions are required, and only an initiatic teaching will enable them to find such conditions.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Daily Meditations

Here’s how to put the pursuit of intellectual knowledge into perspective:

“True, there are so many interesting things in the world to see, hear, read and so on. But try, all the same, not to focus too much on subjects that cannot help you change your life; apply yourself instead to improving the way you live. For that is the way you will attract true knowledge. Otherwise, what will happen is this: you will spend your time accumulating knowledge by all the means at your disposal – books, radio, cinema, television – but what you take in you will not retain for long. A few years on, it will all have faded, because the life you are leading does not have a positive effect on your memory, and so this knowledge will disappear. It is pointless wasting your time acquiring knowledge that will soon leave you. But improve the way you live, and true memory will begin to awaken in you. You will remember what you have learned over thousands of years throughout your different incarnations. Take note of that and never forget it. Those who know how to live divinely will find that all the knowledge recorded within them over thousands of years begins to come back into their awareness.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Daily Meditations

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