Tall trees- growing through the difficulties

“You always tend to view difficulties as obstacles. In reality, it is often when faced with difficult conditions that we have the greatest possibility for growth, precisely because we find ourselves in a tight situation. Look at how the trees in a forest solve this problem. In a forest, all the trees are so closely packed together that, if one of them wants to spread out, the others prevent it from doing so. So the tree says to itself, ‘These are not the best conditions for my development, but I am going to find a solution’, and it pushes upwards. In that direction there is space, and it meets no more obstacles. It is the same for human beings. When they can no longer go forwards or backwards or sideways, all they can do is go upwards, that is, mentally soar to the spiritual world, because in that direction no one can stand in the way of their aspirations.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

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2 thoughts on “Tall trees- growing through the difficulties”

  1. Hi Susan, I just came across your blog. I have to admit I’ve never heard of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov but the quotes you have on your blog are very inspirational. I especially liked this one – comparing us to trees that “push upward” to the spiritual realms when there is no way forward, backward, sideways…. great metaphor.
    Thank you for sharing his teachings and words!

  2. Hi Gia
    Thanks for your comment- I am really happy to hear you have found some inspiration from the extracts. I think you will also like ‘the brave heart of a snowdrop’ as it is on a very similar theme to this post.
    Onwards and upwards!!


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