Transcending difficulties and limitation

The Dalai Lama, like the master Omraam Mikhael, impresses me as a saintly example of how the human spirit can transcend the greatest difficulties of life. Forced to leave his home while still young and living most of his life in exile from Tibet,  he has won the admiration of people all over the world to become arguably the most influential spiritual leader alive today. This extract from the master describes how Spirit transcends the karma created by our past mistakes.  SJJ

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 “Many initiates, saints and prophets have experienced great suffering and difficulty in their lives but that did not prevent their soul and their spirit from living in divine splendor. For despite obstacles, despite adversity, they strove to maintain contact with the divine world. The greatness of certain human beings lies in the fact that they are always aware of a region within them that is inaccessible to disturbances and attacks, namely their spirit, where they can seek refuge to continue their work. Once they have succeeded in rising to that region, even if they are assailed by karma, they feel they are above it, always above it. If karma wants to restrict them, they free themselves. If it wants to make them gloomy, they remain in the light. In the face of all opposition they carry on with their work.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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