Mozart- the courage to continue

“I love Mozart’s music so much! And besides, who doesn’t? Such richness! But what impresses me the most about him, almost more than his genius, is his courage. For a musician, he had the most incredible courage. Yes, you often find that artists do not have much resistance: they are very sensitive, very emotional, very vulnerable and you have to be very thoughtful and attentive towards them. How many of them have ended their life crushed and discouraged because they had not been accepted or recognised! While he was alive, Mozart was never appreciated to the extent that he deserved. Of course, he suffered, but he never let it bring him down. On the contrary, he set to work with even greater ardour in order to overcome all the obstacles. And he smiled…….. That is what is so wonderful. With what inner strength did he prove to the entire world that he was an unique genius! Such courage is the mark of the greatest spirits. Unfortunately, it is only after their death that they are recognised and appreciated.

You may wonder why Mozart was so overwhelmed with suffering when he deserved a more favourable destiny.  Yes, one often asks the question: “But why does destiny (or Providence) act so often in this way towards the most remarkable, most noble of beings? Why?” It is because at that very moment these beings surpass themselves and give their very best. If their entourage behaved differently, helping them, showering them with adulation, giving them everything, what would happen?

They would fall asleep, they would become weaker, their consciousness would darken, they would not give such profound, sublime works. That is why destiny acts as it does. It is a terrible teacher, but we must understand it, instead of allowing ourselves to die of grief or wishing to commit suicide.


And now, what lesson can we draw from all of this? Well, when you find yourself in great difficulties, when you are crushed, criticised, slandered, when you have really lost your spiritual momentum, when no-one realises what you have in your heart and soul, instead of abandoning everything, deciding to stop work or wanting to avenge yourself on others, you should redouble your efforts. That’s how to show others  they are mistaken. We are full of resources. Heaven has deposited all sorts of possibilities, forces and qualities within us. So then it depends on us to act, to withstand the blows, to carry on with our task and finish the work.  That is what it means to be strong! And the weak? Swept away, effaced and crushed, say no more of them.

Never forget that your difficulties are there to push you into giving human beings works or examples of priceless value. When will they understand you? Don’t even think about it. What you create, what you give will remain immortal. Keep walking forward and you will sense that your difficulties are having a beneficial effect on your character. If you understand this wisdom, if you accept it, I promise you will realise great things. The more you are crushed, limited or martyrized , the more you will become strong, full of hope, with an unshakeable faith. Sooner or later, the whole world will recognise you as an exceptional being and millions of people will follow in your footsteps, you will have a beneficial effect everywhere you go. You must never allow the difficulties of the moment to stop you, you must labour relentlessly so as to bequeath a sublime piece of work to all humanity”.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Mozart is one of my favorite composers and I love the lecture that this extract comes from. I find it very moving to read – the master himself lived through some truly terrible ordeals himself. Through his love and spiritual strength he triumphed over them, just as Mozart did. I feel the master was inspired by the example of courage in adversity that Mozart left us. Both men were great spirits that left an extraordinary legacy to humanity.

The biography: Omraam Mikhael Aivnhov- The life of a Master in the West by Louise- Marie Frenette is a very inspiring read.

The extract above was originally given on 20 July 1968 after the master had played the Orphanage Mass to a group of disciples.Below is a video of some of Mozart’s sacred music which includes that mass.

So what has a humble snowdrop got in common with one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time?   The brave heart of a Snowdrop    SJJ

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  1. This is very inspiring and uplifting to me. I love how the Master Omraam speaks so clearly and straight to the heart an soul.


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