Video: OM- sound of creation

“In the Hindu tradition, the syllable Om represents the original sound of creation: it corresponds to what the Christian tradition calls the Logos, the creative Word. It is associated with Kalahamsa, the great mythological bird that laid the primordial egg, out of which emerged the universe.

The syllable Om possesses extremely powerful, intense vibrations, from which the Hindus have made a mantra. They repeat it continuously in their meditations. You, also, could pronounce this mantra, either out loud or inwardly. Concentrate on this word, without thinking of anything else  and repeat: Om, om, om… You could also use a breathing exercise: For example, breathe through your nose, mentally pronouncing Om 4 times, then very slowly exhale through your mouth  while repeating Om one more time. After a while, you will feel calmed and recharged with new energy.

The syllable Om can also be pronounce Aoum, and it is in this form that we sing it in the brotherhood. Those of you that are conscious of the magical power of sound, will eventually begin to sense the perfect form that this sound creates within the soul.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Here is a precious video of the master singing Aoum with some of his disciples in a brotherhood center. The melody was composed by master Peter Deunov.   SJJ




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