The subtle energies of love

“It is in the realm of love that human beings often feel the most deprived. So many men and women complain that they have no love in their lives! But why is this? In reality, they are immersed in love, since it exists everywhere in the universe, It is a cosmic energy of incredible abundance and diversity, and it is up to us to tap into this abundance. There are certain plants that do not need their roots to be buried in the soil in order to live; because of their unique organisation, which is more evolved than that of other plants, they are able to draw water and nutrients from the atmosphere.

Well, like these plants, Human beings have spiritual centers which enable them to draw love from both the atmosphere and the sun. But they are not aware of this, which is a shame, because they fail to develop these centers and, as a result, remain impoverished and unhappy.They need to study the ideas of the initiates and great masters who have worked to awaken in themselves these higher centers, these chakras, and who have succeeded in drawing on the energy of love which is dispersed throughout nature. In doing so, they too will be happy and will live in plenitude.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The photo is of an air plant- Huston- in bloom. SJJ

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