Laughing does not necessarily mean that you are carefree, frivolous and
irresponsible. Laughter can actually have a more beneficial effect on the mind
than that serious expression many believe to be a sign of wisdom. For in
laughter there are live energies that feed the brain.
Laughter allows you to get back on your feet, to bounce back. It’s true that
everyone’s life has events that are no laughing matter to begin with, and it
is normal to be worried and upset about them initially, but if you get used to
seeing the funny side of certain situations it makes it easier for you not to
become overwhelmed. So, never miss a chance to laugh, for it is a powerful way                             of maintaining your equanimity and easing situations. Just because you have                                 reasons for being upset, sad and discouraged does not mean you should be willing                           to remain in that state.

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