Month: July 2015

Invisible friends

Each day we are supported by the benevolent entities of the invisible world. If we are able to continue breathing, eating, walking and working, it’s because, every day, we receive this support; we are carried, helped and given the inspiration we need to become creators. For our part, we also support certain beings, who are unaware of where this help comes from. Every living being emits waves, and by nurturing luminous thoughts and warm feelings in ourselves, by praying and meditating, we send out beneficial waves with which we comfort all those in difficulty. How can that not bring joy and purpose to our life? How encouraging it is for us to feel we are supported by thousands of evolved entities and that we too can support other creatures! Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  

Golden sunrise in the forest

A Meditation for Sunrise

How can you be made to understand that the sun is so much more than just a star shining in the sky?In the morning, when you see it appear and rise on the horizon, imagine that you rise with it. The vibrations of your entire being will gradually intensify. You will soon feel the sun enter you so deeply that you will no longer be able to distance yourself from it. Every element in your being will be exalted. You will feel projected into increasingly vast and luminous regions in space, you will discover truths that remained hidden to you up until now, and the notion of time will cease to exist. For a few moments at least, you will forget the earth with its tragedies and misery, and you will live in eternity. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditation – 20th July, 2019 More extracts on the theme of sunrise meditation: Video- Surya Yoga- Meditative Practices at Sunrise View on Youtube Sunrise meditation- swimming in the sea of life Sunrise- why it is worth getting …

Keeping love alive

“People usually associate happiness with love. But very many also recognize in the end that their happiness has been only short-lived! Why? Because they did not know how to preserve their love. To find happiness in love, you must understand that it is not dependent on possessing someone physically or even on the emotional link connecting you to one another. You will only experience true love in that subtle something that connects you, through a man or a woman, to the whole universe, to the beauty of the flowers, forests, springs, sun and constellations. Do not rush to remove the physical distance that separates you from the one you love, otherwise you will gradually lose all of that subtle world where you sensed the whole of nature alive and pulsating. All that will remain is the physical, prosaic side, and that is not where you will find happiness.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


“Humans seek power, wealth, knowledge and love. But really it is life they should be. seeking.  ‘And why life?’ you might ask. ‘We already have it- we are alive. We should be looking for what we don’t have.’ That’s true, you are alive, but life is not he same in all beings. there are varying degrees of life. Living is not  enough, you must ask yourself what kind of life you are living. Humans, with their physical make -up, of course live a human life, but within, their life can take on an infinite number of shapes and colors, those of a stone, a plant or an animal… or else of an angel,  an archangel or  celestial being… when Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly’ , the life he wanted to bring to all human beings was the divine life, the current that springs pure and clear from the original source”. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       Daily Meditations 2015

Mountain summits

“When we see high mountain peaks from a great distance, we instinctively sense that mountains represent a link between earth and heaven, both physically, of course, and even more so spiritually. A great wisdom presided at the formation of the mountains, and where they are situated is never due to chance. Each one is assigned a definite function, which is why they all differ in shape, mass and height. Their peaks rise up like antennae intended for emitting and picking up waves of different frequencies. Each peak therefore creates particular conditions, which can support the activity of our soul and our spirit. And we all have inner mountains we need to climb if we are to communicate with heaven. This is why, for our spiritual life, it is so important that we understand the significance of the word ‘peak’ or ‘summit’.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov More on mountains and the spiritual life: Mountain Heights

Tall trees- growing through the difficulties

“You always tend to view difficulties as obstacles. In reality, it is often when faced with difficult conditions that we have the greatest possibility for growth, precisely because we find ourselves in a tight situation. Look at how the trees in a forest solve this problem. In a forest, all the trees are so closely packed together that, if one of them wants to spread out, the others prevent it from doing so. So the tree says to itself, ‘These are not the best conditions for my development, but I am going to find a solution’, and it pushes upwards. In that direction there is space, and it meets no more obstacles. It is the same for human beings. When they can no longer go forwards or backwards or sideways, all they can do is go upwards, that is, mentally soar to the spiritual world, because in that direction no one can stand in the way of their aspirations.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations More on trees:  You do not know what trees are

Transcending difficulties and limitation

The Dalai Lama, like the master Omraam Mikhael, impresses me as a saintly example of how the human spirit can transcend the greatest difficulties of life. Forced to leave his home while still young and living most of his life in exile from Tibet,  he has won the admiration of people all over the world to become arguably the most influential spiritual leader alive today. This extract from the master describes how Spirit transcends the karma created by our past mistakes.  SJJ  “Many initiates, saints and prophets have experienced great suffering and difficulty in their lives but that did not prevent their soul and their spirit from living in divine splendor. For despite obstacles, despite adversity, they strove to maintain contact with the divine world. The greatness of certain human beings lies in the fact that they are always aware of a region within them that is inaccessible to disturbances and attacks, namely their spirit, where they can seek refuge to continue their work. Once they have succeeded in rising to that region, even if …

Mozart- the courage to continue

“I love Mozart’s music so much! And besides, who doesn’t? Such richness! But what impresses me the most about him, almost more than his genius, is his courage. For a musician, he had the most incredible courage. Yes, you often find that artists do not have much resistance: they are very sensitive, very emotional, very vulnerable and you have to be very thoughtful and attentive towards them. How many of them have ended their life crushed and discouraged because they had not been accepted or recognised! While he was alive, Mozart was never appreciated to the extent that he deserved. Of course, he suffered, but he never let it bring him down. On the contrary, he set to work with even greater ardour in order to overcome all the obstacles. And he smiled…….. That is what is so wonderful. With what inner strength did he prove to the entire world that he was an unique genius! Such courage is the mark of the greatest spirits. Unfortunately, it is only after their death that they are …

Video: OM- sound of creation

“In the Hindu tradition, the syllable Om represents the original sound of creation: it corresponds to what the Christian tradition calls the Logos, the creative Word. It is associated with Kalahamsa, the great mythological bird that laid the primordial egg, out of which emerged the universe. The syllable Om possesses extremely powerful, intense vibrations, from which the Hindus have made a mantra. They repeat it continuously in their meditations. You, also, could pronounce this mantra, either out loud or inwardly. Concentrate on this word, without thinking of anything else  and repeat: Om, om, om… You could also use a breathing exercise: For example, breathe through your nose, mentally pronouncing Om 4 times, then very slowly exhale through your mouth  while repeating Om one more time. After a while, you will feel calmed and recharged with new energy. The syllable Om can also be pronounce Aoum, and it is in this form that we sing it in the brotherhood. Those of you that are conscious of the magical power of sound, will eventually begin to sense …


Laughing does not necessarily mean that you are carefree, frivolous and irresponsible. Laughter can actually have a more beneficial effect on the mind than that serious expression many believe to be a sign of wisdom. For in laughter there are live energies that feed the brain. Laughter allows you to get back on your feet, to bounce back. It’s true that everyone’s life has events that are no laughing matter to begin with, and it is normal to be worried and upset about them initially, but if you get used to seeing the funny side of certain situations it makes it easier for you not to become overwhelmed. So, never miss a chance to laugh, for it is a powerful way                             of maintaining your equanimity and easing situations. Just because you have                                 reasons for being upset, sad and discouraged does not mean you should be …

The subtle energies of love

“It is in the realm of love that human beings often feel the most deprived. So many men and women complain that they have no love in their lives! But why is this? In reality, they are immersed in love, since it exists everywhere in the universe, It is a cosmic energy of incredible abundance and diversity, and it is up to us to tap into this abundance. There are certain plants that do not need their roots to be buried in the soil in order to live; because of their unique organisation, which is more evolved than that of other plants, they are able to draw water and nutrients from the atmosphere. Well, like these plants, Human beings have spiritual centers which enable them to draw love from both the atmosphere and the sun. But they are not aware of this, which is a shame, because they fail to develop these centers and, as a result, remain impoverished and unhappy.They need to study the ideas of the initiates and great masters who have worked …