Month: July 2015

Limitless ocean

The limited cannot understand the limitless; so human beings, who are limited, cannot understand God, the limitless. Or, to be more precise, they cannot know him as long as they remain outside of him. They will only know him once they enter this immensity, merge with it and become part of it. As long as a drop of water is separate from the ocean, it cannot know the ocean, but when it returns to the ocean it can no longer be separated from it; the drop has become the ocean, it knows the ocean. You will say, ‘But humans exist within the universe, they are part of it, they are not separate from this limitlessness, from this infinity that is God.’ Yes, but they are not conscious of it. And in fact, they often consciously separate themselves from God, to live their personal life cut off from cosmic consciousness and then declare that God doesn’t exist. So, if you want to know God, you must consciously merge with him, lose yourself in him. You will …

Invisible friends

Each day we are supported by the benevolent entities of the invisible world. If we are able to continue breathing, eating, walking and working, it’s because, every day, we receive this support; we are carried, helped and given the inspiration we need to become creators. For our part, we also support certain beings, who are unaware of where this help comes from. Every living being emits waves, and by nurturing luminous thoughts and warm feelings in ourselves, by praying and meditating, we send out beneficial waves with which we comfort all those in difficulty. How can that not bring joy and purpose to our life? How encouraging it is for us to feel we are supported by thousands of evolved entities and that we too can support other creatures! Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  

Keeping love alive

“People usually associate happiness with love. But very many also recognize in the end that their happiness has been only short-lived! Why? Because they did not know how to preserve their love. To find happiness in love, you must understand that it is not dependent on possessing someone physically or even on the emotional link connecting you to one another. You will only experience true love in that subtle something that connects you, through a man or a woman, to the whole universe, to the beauty of the flowers, forests, springs, sun and constellations. Do not rush to remove the physical distance that separates you from the one you love, otherwise you will gradually lose all of that subtle world where you sensed the whole of nature alive and pulsating. All that will remain is the physical, prosaic side, and that is not where you will find happiness.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


“Humans seek power, wealth, knowledge and love. But really it is life they should be. seeking.  ‘And why life?’ you might ask. ‘We already have it- we are alive. We should be looking for what we don’t have.’ That’s true, you are alive, but life is not he same in all beings. there are varying degrees of life. Living is not  enough, you must ask yourself what kind of life you are living. Humans, with their physical make -up, of course live a human life, but within, their life can take on an infinite number of shapes and colors, those of a stone, a plant or an animal… or else of an angel,  an archangel or  celestial being… when Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly’ , the life he wanted to bring to all human beings was the divine life, the current that springs pure and clear from the original source”. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       Daily Meditations 2015

Mountain summits

“When we see high mountain peaks from a great distance, we instinctively sense that mountains represent a link between earth and heaven, both physically, of course, and even more so spiritually. A great wisdom presided at the formation of the mountains, and where they are situated is never due to chance. Each one is assigned a definite function, which is why they all differ in shape, mass and height. Their peaks rise up like antennae intended for emitting and picking up waves of different frequencies. Each peak therefore creates particular conditions, which can support the activity of our soul and our spirit. And we all have inner mountains we need to climb if we are to communicate with heaven. This is why, for our spiritual life, it is so important that we understand the significance of the word ‘peak’ or ‘summit’.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov More on mountains and the spiritual life: Mountain Heights

Tall trees- growing through the difficulties

“You always tend to view difficulties as obstacles. In reality, it is often when faced with difficult conditions that we have the greatest possibility for growth, precisely because we find ourselves in a tight situation. Look at how the trees in a forest solve this problem. In a forest, all the trees are so closely packed together that, if one of them wants to spread out, the others prevent it from doing so. So the tree says to itself, ‘These are not the best conditions for my development, but I am going to find a solution’, and it pushes upwards. In that direction there is space, and it meets no more obstacles. It is the same for human beings. When they can no longer go forwards or backwards or sideways, all they can do is go upwards, that is, mentally soar to the spiritual world, because in that direction no one can stand in the way of their aspirations.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations More on trees:  You do not know what trees are

What does divine love feel like?

“The aim of spiritual life is to lead us to a higher state of consciousness we call divine love. For true love, the kind that draws us closer to God, is a state of consciousness. It is impossible to describe it, nor can it be explained to those who are not ready to experience it; all we can do is try to lead them to it gradually. Those who attain this state of consciousness feel inwardly linked to the whole universe. They are then like an instrument, the cords of which vibrate in unison with all that exists. They are inhabited by a deep sense of peace, and above all they feel immense benevolence towards all beings. They do not know why they feel so well-disposed towards them. They simply sense that these feelings have entered their heart and soul, causing them to behave with kindness and understanding, and that they are connecting with the deep essence of creation.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov