Sacred Fire of Divine Love

Just as physical fire has the power to make iron sufficiently pliant and tractable to be given a new form, so the heavenly fire of divine love has the power to plunge man into a state in which he sloughs off his warped, crooked form and receives a new, bright, harmonious one.

So, in order to change all your old ideas and habits and transform your character, and even your heredity, you must call on heavenly fire. You must beg it to come into you, to envelop and enflame your heart and your whole being. Do not rely on explanations from other people or from books: they can do nothing for you if you are not alight with the blazing fire that makes you as alive as the sun. For the sun is living fire, and it is by going to see the sun rise every morning that we renew our contact with this fire from heaven. If you forge a close bond with the sun, if, wholeheartedly and with all the powers of your intelligence, you let the sun set you on fire, flames will begin to rise from you and enfold you in their burning heat.

 Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The Splendours of Tipharet

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