Finding love without looking

Are you looking for love? Well, that is why you do not find it. You may say, ‘But I need love so much! How can I find it if I don’t look for it?’ If you really want to find love, first start by giving love, and stop looking for it. You will then find that it follows you around, and even if you want to get rid of it you will not be able to. If you chase it out of the door, it will come back in through the window! Yes, as soon as you stop looking for it, having decided to give it instead, it will come to you. So the more you look for it, the further away it gets. It is like chasing your shadow: it flees ahead of you, and you can never catch it.
If you look for love from others, you are focusing on something outside yourself, so you distance yourself from the treasure you already have inside you, and you end up losing it. That is how it is. So instead of looking for love, give it, keep it alive inside you, and you will always feel its presence: it will always be there, smiling at you and gently watching you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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