War of love between the stars

War will never disappear entirely but it will be a different kind of war. One day, it will be a war of love, with human beings sending each other rays of love, like the stars. The more we evolve, the more the exchanges between us will be filled with light and love, like the exchanges between the constellations and the stars. When I was very young in Bulgaria, I used to sleep under the stars at night on the mountain of Rila, at 2,000 or 2,500 metres of altitude. Sometimes the snow would fall during the night and I would wake up entirely covered in snow! Ah, it was wonderful! I would go to sleep staring at the stars. That is how I discovered that the stars fight each other continually with light, and that one day humans would do the same thing with rays of love, with colors. Cosmic Intelligence will never suppress the human desire to fight, although it will be a different kind of war, with no cannons and no bombs, but with weapons of light, colors, love…it will be war, but what a war! I am for this kind, I declared war on you all a long time ago!

When human beings can admit that their souls and spirits meet on the spiritual planes where they become one identical, huge family- the great, universal family, then automatically they will no longer want to destroy each other…. But as long as we insist on being separate, different, there will never be peace for humanity. Once we accept a new philosophy, a different philosophy, then peace will come.

Omraam Mikhael Aivahhov   A New Dawn Vol 25

The master has reminded us that color and sound are, in fact, one. So the rays of light and color he speaks of in this extract are also waves of sound- the music of the spheres! In other words, the stars sing to each other too!  SJJ



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