The sacred side of sexuality

 “The next time you take someone into your arms, project them all the way to heaven and link them to the higher regions. A man should address the Divine Mother through his beloved and she should address the Heavenly Father through him -instead of limiting their exchanges to the lower regions, both of them will be linking themselves to the Source. In this way both of you take the riches God has given you- life and the emanations and warmth of mutual love -and instead of using them for your own pleasure, you drink together the purest form of love from the highest source.

The secret of control, the secret of sublimation, is to seek work not pleasure. You say “But suppose I hold my love in my arms… what’s the point if I’m not looking for pleasure?.
There can be joy, there can be inspiration, there can be wonder and ecstasy, if you have a heightened consciousness …. is that not more than pleasure? When a man and woman are together sharing a divine emotion, without being carried away, then their communion, this tenderness between them, is something so expressive, so beautiful. It is a form of pleasure of course, but superior pleasure, something divine which makes them immortal.

The Kingdom of God will only come on earth when human love is made more spiritual. May those who are enlightened and who have a high ideal in love, know they can work for the Kingdom of God with their sexual energy. May they love each other, embrace each other, but always with the idea that this love is dedicated to the realization of something divine. If they do this, they will produce such beautiful emanations that the angels themselves will be amazed and in their delighted wonder, will bring all sorts of gifts to lovers”.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Love and Sexuality

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