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Learn to work with light, and you will understand that it is light that will bring you true riches. Thanks to light, even your relationships with those around you will improve. Why? Because when we live in abundance, we become generous and open to others. We feel the need to understand them and help them, and we are much less demanding and harsh with them. So make a habit of concentrating on light. Think that you are attracting it, introducing it into yourself, so that it fills your whole being with particles of the greatest purity. And when you feel that this light has become a part of you, make a practice of sending it out into space to help all your brothers and sisters on earth. When you have really learned to work with light- with the seven  colors that make up white light- you will discover all the power, clarity, purity and intelligence that light contains, for each color is the expression of a power or a virtue.  Work with the qualities of the seven colors and you will feel enriched by all the blessings they contain.

So many people, using the excuse that they have no gifts or remarkable qualities, think they are justified in leading a mediocre life! No, no one is justified in behaving that way. Even the most ‘ordinary’ person can do this work with light and so achieve something more important than anything that can be achieved in a great number of areas by others who are more gifted and capable. Anyone has the potential to acquire this higher state of consciousness, with which they can attract light to themselves and project it onto all the created beings in the world.

Omraam Miheal Aivanhov  Daily Meditations       

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  1. This is a wonderfully lovely site. Thank you so very much for curating and sharing the beautiful wisdom on these pages. I have just viewed the video of working with light, and it’s very much in keeping with the wisdom of one of my teachers, Sandra Ingerman. I look forward to exploring, learning, growing and shining!
    Blessings to you and may all beings benefit!

  2. Hi Michelle
    Thanks so much for your very encouraging message. Hope you continue to find much inspiration from the master’s words.

    Blessings of light and peace to you.



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