Music is the breathing of the soul

Everything in nature sings and vibrates: all creatures emit vibrations which are diffused around them in the form of musical waves. This is why it is true to say that everything in nature is music. There is music in a rushing stream, in the murmur of a spring, in the patter of raindrops, in the roar of a cataract and the ceaseless ebb and flow of the ocean waves. There is music in the voice of the wind, in the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birdsong. And the music of nature constantly arouses and stimulates the musical element in human beings, kindling in them the desire to express themselves through the medium of a musical instrument or through song. When human beings feel the need to communicate their feelings and emotions it is to music that they turn spontaneously: when they want to express their deepest religious sentiment they turn to music; all their joys and sorrows. their love and every profound experience is expressed in music.

Music is the breathing of man’s soul and consciousness. It is through music that the soul manifests itself in the world. When a man or woman’s higher consciousness is awakened, when they develop their capacity to perceive the sutler realities, they will begin to hear the great and glorious symphony that reverberates throughout space across the universe, and they will comprehend the deepest meaning of life.

True initiates know music and understand it: like Orpheus, they can use it to calm and heal people, and even to tame wild animals, for the vibrations of sound have real power.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Creation:artistic and spiritual   

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