Month: April 2015

Full moon meditation at Vesak

This year, the festival of Vesak (Wesak), celebrating the birthday of the Buddha, falls on Sunday, May 3rd. Although Vesak is not celebrated outwardly by master Omraam’s disciples in the same way that Christmas and Easter generally are, the festival of Vesak is still significant to us, as it is to all spiritual aspirants. Just as Easter always fulls on the first full moon of the Spring Equinox,  the exact hour of Vesac is always the time of the full moon in Taurus. This year, it’s at 4.42 am GMT, 8.42 pm PDT. When the moon is full in the month of May, the initiates of the world are drawn, as by a magnet, to a particular spot in the Himalayas, just as eels are drawn from Europe to their spawning ground in the Sargasso Sea. And today. May 14th (1938) the moon is full and will enter Sagittarius at Midnight. Tonight, therefore, the souls and spirits of the initiates of the world will gather in the Himalayas, where they will take part in an …

Rise above the clouds

When you sense that certain negative thoughts are beginning to cloud your ‘sky’, weaken your faith and love, and dull your perception of the splendor of God , then it is time to concentrate and project rays of the utmost purity in the direction of these mists, and it will not be long before you see things becoming clearer, purer and brighter. It is by means of thought that you rise above the clouds. Thought is like a rocket or a beam of light. You can aim or focus it on a given point: the source of light, the eternal sun, your inner center, or the Lord himself, and within a few minutes it will pierce the clouds, however thick they may be, and you will find yourself up above, bathed in crystal-clear light. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   A New Earth

Befriending the Earth

“The universe we live in is not closed to us. We make all kinds of exchanges with it: physical, psychic and spiritual ones. Either consciously or unconsciously, we vibrate and breathe both with it and in it. But why then do humans so often feel like strangers here on earth? Because they are not aware of what they need to do for the earth to know them. The earth carries them and feeds them, but they come and go in every direction along its highways and byways without ever thinking about what they owe it. Do you want the earth to get to know you, to be friends with you? When you go walking in nature, stop from time to time, bend down or sit on the ground, place your hand on it, stroke it and tell it, ‘O earth, my mother, how I appreciate your stability, your firmness and your generosity! By showing my respect, my gratitude and my love, I want to give back a little of all that you give me.’ And …

Happiness … fulfilling the needs of the soul

To be happy, it is not enough to have a family, friends, a job and leisure. The proof is the number of people there are you might consider privileged but who are not happy! Why? Because they do not know how to respond to their soul’s needs. The soul needs to live in immense, infinite, limitless space. And yet, humans continually constrict their soul, fetter it and stifle it; they want it to make do with trifles – a little material success, a little pleasure, a little gossip… Then, the soul suffers and complains to them: ‘I want to be free, and you, with your ordinary, petty occupations and worries, keep me in fetters. I am a daughter of God, space is my element, I need to expand into the vastness of heaven.’ So, for at least a few minutes, experience allowing your soul to soar up and expand in space. Allow it to escape, to the point where it merges with the whole universe. And then you will know the meaning of happiness. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    The Seeds of Happiness

The secret of effective prayer

Prayer can be a silent outpouring of the heart or soul. But if it is to be really effective, it must be done in the three worlds – the mental, astral and the physical. Praying is not a matter of asking for anything and everything, depending on the impulses of the moment. The light of thought should first have its say; it must judge whether a request is worth formulating. Then, just as light is accompanied by warmth, so thought must be accompanied by a powerful feeling, which gives it life. Lastly, in order for there to be an effect on the physical plane, the spoken word is necessary, since sound vibrations affect matter. When thought and feeling are not expressed through the spoken word, which in a sense gives them flesh, they lack the materials they need from the physical world to become a reality. It is the spoken word that brings these materials. Through the spoken word, we bring to the spirits of the invisible world the physical elements that they themselves lack. …