Two ways of love

Someone will say, ‘I love’… Yes, they love, of course, but do they ask themselves about the nature of their love? Do they give a thought to the fact that there are two kinds of love: the self-serving kind and the disinterested kind? Disinterested love does not expect anything from others, it does not fret, it does not cling to them, and it does not trouble them. It is a gushing spring, which gives ceaselessly without being concerned about who will come to draw from it. It is pleased to share its water freely, whereas self-seeking love does the opposite, as it acts on others as a constraint, seeking only to take and bringing with it impatience, disappointment, anger, jealousy and anxiety.

Disinterested love also avoids arguments, doubts and mistrust and establishes joy, beauty and hope. It is a new life working its way through, making people increasingly free, strong and happy. It is the path of resurrection. So now, ask yourself: which kind of love is yours?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Daily Meditations

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